Who are we ?

The Family

We have been living in this 18th century Bastide for many years. Monique and Dominique raised their 4 children (Isabelle, Florence, Charlotte and Benjamin) and some of the grandchildren were also born and grown in this family Bastide.
Monique is a painter, Dominique is a retired architect, Isabelle is an actress and theatre teacher, Florence is a dance teacher, Charlotte teaches gyrotonic and runs a dance school and Benjamin is a production assistant in a company that organises events.
The little children, Léa, Jules, Achille, Ariane and Méline are still at school.
Our Bastide, positive energy provider, is a peaceful haven in any season located at the very heart of Aix-en-Provence.

Bastide de la Traverse Aix - Famille 1989

The family in 1989

Bastide de la Traverse Aix - Famille 2014

25 years later !

Where are we ?

Bastide de la Traverse Aix - Centre

3 minutes away on foot from the historic center and shops


Bastide de la Traverse Aix - Marché

4 minutes away on foot from the Town Hall, the flower market and farmer market (each morning)
Bastide de la Traverse Aix - Écoles

5 minutes away on foot from the public schools, of every levels


Bastide de la Traverse Aix - Parking

Parking Pasteur near the Bastide (the cheapest one in Aix)


Bastide de la Traverse Aix - Bus

Bus stop 50m away, towards la Rotonde and Puyricard (IAE)


Bastide de la Traverse Aix - Autoroute

Easy highway junction by North Aix, for Iter, Marseille, les Milles

Our ideal

What we fear most

• Unsuitability
• Inflexible people
• Noise
• Cigarette butts in the garden or the staircase
• Closed shutters (when the mistral is blasting)
• Lit up lights all day or all night long
• Closed shutters while the sun is shining outside
• Windows open when the heating system is full-on
• Going down the stairs crazy
• Mixing up garden and Club Med

That's why we prefer

• Sharing a special moment in the garden area
• Making you discover the area, the country, off the beaten paths
• Welcoming new world friends, with simplicity honesty and conviviality
• Introducing you to the region’s traditions
• Easing up the everyday life
• Helping the cultural integration
• Sharing a dinner outside, under the plane tree’s shade
• Eating Japanese or sharing a pistou
• Cooking up a duck’s foie gras and pass on traditional recipes
• Creating a link between all our friends